Increase your Immune System

Covid is progressing rapidly around the world.  At this time, it is very important to boost your immune system in order to protect yourself from Covid and other viruses.

Improving your gut health is a very important key to helping you boost your immune system, your heart, brain, mind, digestion and more. Furthermore, it can also help in preventing cancer and auto immune diseases. Along with improving your gut health, it is beneficial to get proper sleep, eat right and have good hygiene. Good supplements are vital for your health and most don’t work well as well as they don’t absorb in your body as fast as they should. In turn, they sit in your intestine for a couple of hours which produce free radicals to form and toxins to build up. 

I can recommend proper supplements that have maximum absorption that have had multi clinical studies done on them. These supplements will help you absorb the critical nutrients that you need and you will feel the amazing benefits.

I personally take these natural supplements and noticed a difference immediately. Since switching to these, my immune system has improved ten times more as well.

Exercising and keeping stress levels down are also key to a good immune system. When I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I use a lavender essential oil which is pure and synthetic-free (very important)  and put it on my pulse points. This immediately calms me down and helps reduce my stress.

We cannot control what happens in the world and Covid but we can control our behaviour and actions to ensure that we keep ourselves happy, healthy and safe.

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