Natural Ways to Prevent Diabetes

The first indicator to diabetes is prediabetes. This is the period where your blood sugar levels are high-but not high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes.

My husband was prediabetic where his blood sugar levels kept climbing to a point when his doctor warned him that he would have to be put onto diabetes medication. Needless to say, we wanted to prevent this.

After doing my research and implementing some changes, he was able to reverse his prediabetes and did not have to be put on the prescribed medication. To top this off, his blood sugar levels reduced dramatically to the healthiest levels ever!

So, I thought I would share these tips with you in order to help you do the same if you want to prevent diabetes.

Here are the natural ways to prevent diabetes

1. Natural Supplements: These supplements are natural and helped in the prevention of diabetes (as well as lower cholesterol and high blood pressure amongst other things). With 2 U.S. Patents and 4 German Clinical Studies behind them, I immediately switched him to the supplements and they helped lower his blood sugar levels, his cholesterol and high blood pressure also reduced to very healthy numbers ever. In addition, they have improved his gut health, sleep, energy and aided in his weight loss and now ~ weight management!

2. Weight Loss Program:  He started a 6 week weight loss program. This is NOT a diet but a healthy way of eating for life and has proven and effective ways for weight loss. He did not starve himself and ate at his hunger levels. He lost weight and inches easily in the 6 weeks. Keeping your weight at a healthy weight is very important.

3. Exercise: My husband has always been active as has played sports like soccer and cricket. He loves to go for runs and walks. By staying consistent with exercise at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each, you can help reverse diabetes and other health issues.

4. Fiber: Implement fiber in your diet. By adding a good fiber source in each of your meals, it will help prevent spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels which can help reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

If you would like my help in preventing diabetes like my husband did then please contact me for a FREE Virtual Consultation and let me help you! The tools that he used are the ones that I would recommend for the control and prevention of diabetes-given the proof that they work.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!!

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