Romantic Makeup for Valentine's Day

Getting "red"y for a Valentine's date? Here are some romantic inspired natural makeup tips you can try:


Just like a painting, you always want to start with a canvas. Start with a primer to create the canvas base for your makeup. Primer helps foundation glide on easily and makes it last longer. I use a natural "pore perfecting" primer because the natural antioxidants and moisturizers nourish skin and give a nice matte finish. Once the primer is applied, then move on to the next step.....


Apply foundation all over your face. I recommend a foundation that has the natural ingredient AquaCacteen in it.  AquaCacteen comes from the organic prickly pear cactus and this is the new miracle ingredient for skincare. This special ingredient helps soothe, hydrate and firm skin. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C as well as potassium, calcium and magnesium. Remember to choose a foundation that matches your skin shade to avoid "cakeiness' or unnatural looking skin tone.


Concealer helps erase any discoloration and imperfections on the skin. I recommend one with powerful natural ingredients like vitamins C and E. These help to lighten dark spots and moisturize skin. Apply concealer under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, above the lips, on the chin and anywhere you see uneven spots on your face. Dab on with your fingertip.

Loose Powder

Apply loose powder over your face. This helps absorb excess oil and keeps your skin shine free.


You can create romantic, alluring eyes by putting white eyeshadow on the base of your eye lids. This will again serve as a canvas for the eye makeup. Next, put on some gold eyeshadow on top to create a romantic and glamorous look that will match your red lips

After you apply the eyeshadow, glide on some liquid liner on the top of your lids. Start from the middle of the lash line and drag out to create a wing to the outer eye. Then from the middle, apply the line from there to the inner lash line. Voila~ your liner is done!

Let's get your lashes ready now. First, curl them with a lash curler to get them prepped. Then, use a lash primer on your lashes before applying mascara. The lash primer serves as a base for your mascara and will help create long, fanned out lashes. I use a natural primer that nourishes my lashes and helps thicken and lengthen them with each use. Once done, put on the mascara. I also use a natural mascara that strengthens and lengthens my lashes. The key ingredients in the mascara are vitamin C, peptides, beeswax, panthenol and ceratonia which help nourish and elongate the lashes. The trick to achieving long, sexy lashes are to keep repeating the mascara application to the lashes. Remember to wiggle the the wand on the lashes as you apply. Once you achieve your lash look then you're ready for the next step.


Use an eyebrow brush to stroke the hair on your eyebrow upwards. Fill in the eyebrows with a pencil that matches the color of your eyebrows. Use upwards strokes with the pencil to create a nice, natural look.


Start with a bronzer to define your cheeks. Apply the bronzer under your cheekbones and your jawline with a brush. Then, apply a light pink blush above the highlighted cheek bone area on the apple of your cheeks. This will create a natural blush look as you don't want to overdo the cheeks with the red lipstick.


Now for the "red" kissable lips! Choose any red shade of lip color.  I opt for a natural creamy lipstick to help bring out the bold color while making the lips feel soft. Before applying the lipstick, apply lip liner to the outside of your lips to help create the sexy lips. Choose a shade that is the same as the lip stick or even a slight shade darker. To apply the lip liner, draw an "x" on your upper lip at the cupid's bow. Then trace the outer corners and the bottom edge of your lips. Connect all the lines and draw and outline on the lips. Next, fill in the lips with your selected red lipstick.  To make your lips look "pouty" tap some gold eyeshadow to the middle of your lips with your finger and purse your lips togethr. You now have sexy, kissable lips!

Use these tips to create a natural flawless and vibrant look for your romantic Valentine's date!


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