How to Stay on Track with a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits of doing this but face it, it can be hard at times! Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean that you have to be on your best behavior every minute of the day. It's about learning to make healthier choices and enjoying everything in moderation.

You may be struggling with your motivation of making the right choices but it's okay, you're only human and it happens to everyone!

Finding the motivation and staying on track doesn't mean that you have to work out every time you eat dessert, spend hours at the gym and only eat salads. It can be much easier than that.

Let's look at the following tips for staying on track with a healthy lifestyle:


One way to "fast track" to a healthy lifestyle is by rewarding yourself with things you like. For example, a new dress if you lose weight "in time", or a food treat if you go for a run. It’s about recognizing your achievements and giving yourself a reward after achieving them. This is what is going to help you stay on track. Statistics show that people that do this achieve over 50% of their goals by implementing rewards into their goals.

Remember, you are aiming to live a healthy lifestyle, so make sure to prevent yourself from being rewarded with bad choices. 


Sure, you can make a promise to yourself to live healthier but it's just as easy to break a promise as you make it.  Find someone to be accountable to. This can be a partner, friend, family member or health coach. By sharing your goals, you are committing to stick to them and your accountability partner will help ensure that you do that. You are less likely to break a promise this way. 

One way to go further with this is to create a contract with your accountable partner. Start small and expand the contract as you start achieving this.  For example, start with one item like "I will exercise 3 times per week". As you fully accomplish this and it becomes a daily habit then add some more goals like "I will cook healthy on the weekdays and eat in moderation and be mindful of my dietary choices on the weekends". This will get you started on starting to achieve a healthier lifestyle without putting any thought to it.


Figure out the reason why you're doing this. This will only be personal to you. What is the reason for wanting to live a healthy lifestyle? Is it because you have battled with a recent illness, you have gained extra weight, you are not able to move as much, etc? This can help a lot with the reasons that you decided to commit to a healthy lifestyle in the first place. Your "why" will help you stick to achieving this.

Remember, trying to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle will not happen overnight. It's a journey that will eventually get you to your destination. Never give up as there will be hurdles along the way. By implementing these tips and sticking to them as much as you can, it will ensure that you will get there!

If you feel inspired to make a positive change but don't know where or how to start, remember we are here to offer help with natural solutions for your health and wellness. Let us help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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